About Me


I am  trained in Humanistic Psychotherapy and have worked privately and in a counselling agency setting, currently working in private practice.

I am accredited with the British Association of Counselors and Psychotherapists (BACP)

My approach lends itself to working at a deeper level therapy, stemming from the person centered approach and existential thought.

I specialize in working with Depression, Anxiety and feelings of low self worth, these seem to interlink into most feelings and worries.

I have had extensive experience working with adolescents, with emphasis on play and art therapy, but this is open to all ages! and just a particular favored way of working for me.

If any of these presenting issues are troubling you, chances are you could benefit greatly from counselling;

  • Feeling of low or no self worth.
  • Depression.
  • Overriding emotions such as anger, sadness or jealousy.
  • Suicidal thoughts, perhaps attempts.
  • Change to diet, eating patterns, weight gain/loss.
  • Stress, feelings of Anxiety and not being able to cope.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
  • Early childhood trauma
  • Abusive relationships, past and present (please see my confidentiality clauses)
  • Relationship problems, divorce, separation.
  • Grief for a loved one.
  • Sexuality Issues.

These are just some examples of what life can throw at us and unless we find ourselves equipped to deal with them at a particular time in our lives it can be very inhibiting, worrying and an upsetting place to be, so don’t be there alone.