What I Offer

Counselling and therapy is your space, it is an opportunity for you to share any dilemmas, problems, anxieties or emotions.

It is a space whereby you can develop self awareness and looking acutely at exploring the real you and anything that might be stopping you being or becoming the real you.

A huge part of the counselling space is the relationship you have with me and the trust that is placed between us in order for you to feel valued, welcomed and comfortable enough to share with me what is troubling you.

Psychotherapy an counselling has become more popular in the UK following on from America as the demands of modern life are place upon us thick and fast! sometimes it takes the intervention of counselling to take that space and time, take a deep breath to gain awareness and be reflective on what is really going on in our lives.

Sharing with someone who is objective in your life and your dilemmas can be the most effective way to explore the most important thing, you.

I initially offer 6 sessions which we collaboratively review after 4 and this can be extended to longer term counselling or we can work towards an ending.

Counselling can be tough at times so please be mindful of the time slot you book with me and your commitments you have straight after, If in doubt take five!

Any further questions please do not hesitate in asking me.